Delight your customers with instant high quality answers to their questions. Seamlessly escalate interactions as needed and utilize scripted interactions to navigate sensitive topics.
Industry Leading Answer Accuracy
RightPage Chat Assist utilizes a series of AI-models to develop high accuracy, personalized, responses to customer requests
Personalized answers paired with highly relevant public references

Every RightPage answer is paired with highly relevant references to help center articles, videos, etc.

Keep Interactions on Track

Conversations with built-In relevance and brand safety guardrails
Keep the interaction on track with built-in safeguards to ensure only relevant questions get answered, and irrelevant ones are politely declined.
Automated routing and confidence scoring deliver high-quality answers
With every user message, RightPage routes the request to the appropriate content. A confidence score is then calculated prior to responding which enabling transparency and seamless escalation
Top-tier security and proud SOC II compliance
RightPage is deeply committed to security and adheres to applicable security standards. RightPage is proud that it’s policies and practices follow the SOC II standards.

Your brand, Your Voice

Integration and customization for Your brand and workflow
Dozens of options to customize the appearance and tone of the chatbot to match it to your style and brand
Authentic and human-like conversations
RightPage Chat Assist offers a genuine and human-like chat experience. With Chat Assist, you can deliver personalized, high quality interactions that resonate with customers and deliver exceptional experiences

Make it your own

Utilize verified answer badges to let customers know if an answer has been reviewed by your team
Chat assist transparently allows customers to understand where answers originate and RightPage’s confidence in a given answer.
Use scripted answers to control interactions related to sensitive topics
RightPage Chat assist allows for the scripting of interactions related to certain topics or questions. RightPage matches the user’s intent when determining when to utilize a scripted response
Multi-lingual expertise
Support your customers around the world with a single solution that covers more than 100+ languages. Provide answers directly in the language the question was asked, even if your help center content is only in English, without need for manual translation.

Integrated with your ticketing system

Easily hand-off conversations to your team
Leverage live chat with integrated hand-off so you can get customers support right when they need it
Or enable seamless ticket creation and submission for customers
RightPage can seamlessly connect to your ticket management system to submit tickets on behalf of customers

A chatbot that’s actually useful

Lower ticket volume
Provide instant answers to customers that actually resolve their requests.
Faster Responses = Happier Customers
72% of customers want immediate service – meet the moment with RightPage’s intelligent widget.
More personalized answers
Leave generic chatbots with limited, scripted answers behind. Give your customers answers tailored to their specific question. Provide relevant answers to complex questions to solve customer needs faster than ever before.

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