Empower your team with an AI assistant that embeds directly into existing workflows and is fully customized to your products and requirements.

Increase productivity across your support operations

RightPage solutions seamlessly power enhanced productivity across your support operations

Agent Assist: Give agents an intelligent boost
Empower agents with context, cross-content source references, and draft responses
Team Assist: Give internal teams instant answers
Enable internal teams from across your company to get instant answers and references to their product support questions
Chat Assist: Give customers instant, accurate support
Delight your customers with access to instant accurate answers to their questions. Escalate seamlessly when needed.
Enhancing thousands of request resolutions everyday

Accelerate request response and resolution

Instant Context for Agents
Agents receive instant summaries of the current request, recent interactions with the requester, and suggested macros, tags, and reference materials
High Accuracy Draft Responses
RightPage delivers industry leading draft response accuracy. RightPage seamlessly supports multi-brand, multi-product, and multi-lingual teams. Powered by a series of custom AI models, RightPage is able to deliver accurate responses (and will let you know when responses are low confidence)
Leverage your existing macros and content
RightPage proactively recommends macros to agents and utilizes macros responses as the starting point for writing highly personalized draft responses to customers.
Search across content silos
RightPage’s few-click integrations power search results that are informed by all of your team’s content sources (e.g., Zendesk, Notion, Confluence, etc.)

Solutions that customers, agents, and CFOs love

RightPage generates a quantifiable ROI while delighting both agents and customers

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of people prefer self-service support
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of people think good customer service is critical to earning brand loyalty
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60-100% of customer tickets on average can be resolved
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60-100% of customer tickets on average can be resolved

Crush your KPIs

Add RightPage to
your existing workflows

Out-of-the-box RightPage embeds deeply with Zendesk allowing agents to fully utilize RightPage entirely within their existing Zendesk-based workflow