Help your agents resolve tickets faster

Respond to ticket requests in half the time with accurate AI-drafted responses
Responses are entirely based on your content, macros, and past ticket responses. RightPage’s control center provides precise control over dozens of settings.
Industry Leading Response Accuracy
RightPage Agent Assist utilizes a series of AI-models to develop high accuracy, personalized, responses to customer requests

Give your agents the full picture

Instant summaries that provide powerful insights
Give agents context about both the current ticket and recent interactions so they spend less time getting caught up and more time problem solving. Summaries are highly customizable to meet your unique workflow
Expand response quality without a costly rewrite
Agents can collaborate directly with RightPage to  expand, simplify, or revise an existing draft in seconds

Actionable Suggestions

Suggested macros and intelligent tagging help your team get to the right answer, faster
Flexible configurations to match your style and tone

Dozens of configurable settings to match your team’s templates, style, and tone with every answer. From customized greetings, to specific answer formats – you can do it all with RightPage Agent Assist

Multiple brands, no problem.
RightPage’s multi-brand routing avoids the potential for brand confusion
Multilingual support
Support your customers around the world with a single solution that covers more than 100+ languages. Provide answers in the language the question was asked, even if your help center content is only in English, without need for manual translation
Actionable Insights
Utilize insights from RightPage to proactively improve your content, head-off potential customer churn, and identify emerging product issues
Onboard in minutes, save your team hours

Sync your content with the click of a button, and begin benefiting from RightPage Agent Assist

Get new agents up to speed faster
Flatten the learning curve, handle turnover, and cover sudden increases in volume, all while keeping your existing workflow as RightPage Agent Assist supports enhanced productivity

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